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How to Modernize an Old Pool?

Becoming a new pool owner is an exciting time, often leaving homeowners proud to invite over friends and family to swim. However, as a pool starts to age, like a home, it not only can need repairs, but it will become outdated as well. It is not uncommon to hear people say, “my old pool is embarrassing,” or “I wish I could rip it out and start over.” While some upgrades can be very costly, others can be quite cost effective and deliver that upgrade to make you proud of your pool once again.

Resurface the Pool

One of the most impactful upgrades to a pool would be resurfacing. In the case of a gunite pool, this would involve either sand blasting down the current surface replastering, or even removing the old tile and plaster, and replastering. During this process, your pool shell would be assessed for structural damage and any cracks or pits could be repaired. In a vinyl liner pool, a liner change can bring a powerful aesthetic change. Old, faded, wrinkly liners can make a pool look dated and broken. A new liner will boost the appeal, and can fit any style. Be sure to upgrade the faceplates to match!

Update the Lighting

Another thing that will transform the look of your old pool is lighting. One thing about traditional lighting is that it lacks that versatility and energy efficiency that comes with modern lighting. Modern lights come in a wide array of colors and customizable settings.

Let us make your pool modern again

Therefore, by installing LED lights around the pool, you can transform it into a captivating and visually appealing area. This is made possible by the mood lighting and visual effects that come with some of these lights. In addition, but upgrading to LED, the lights are more energy efficient and no longer have traditional bulbs, which are much easier to maintain!


Rid your pool of manual valves, pesky timers, and light switches by adding automation. Simple automation can be added very cost effectively to control the pump schedule, turn heaters on and off, and control lights right from your cell phone. If you’re interested in a more complex upgrade, a panel can be added that will allow for full automation. This means you will be able to control the pool schedule, turn heaters on and off as well as adjust the heat setting, control lighting, spas, water features, and more from your phone. Automated valves can take your pool from mode to mode without having to touch the equipment pad. This offers many homeowners not only a more user friendly experience, but takes away the fear of touching the wrong thing.

Consider Energy Efficiency

A major part of modernizing is opting to go the energy efficient way. The main idea here is to help enjoy reduced energy bills and minimize environmental impact. You can choose to update various things such as filters, pumps, and heaters and replace them with energy efficient models. An element like a variable speed pump adjusts speed according to demand while maintaining optimal circulation. Another example is replacing older heaters with energy efficient ones. Doing this can help minimize the heating costs especially when paired with something like an automatic pool cover or even a solar cover.

Add Water Features

If you’re planning to redo the patio, or have access to the underground plumbing and you are looking to add that luxurious look and feel, then you definitely have to consider adding some extra water features to help boost the overall aesthetic appeal. You can add some things like fountains, waterfalls, or laminar jets to help introduce a nice and dynamic element that will improve both visual and auditory experiences. Fountains help add a touch of elegance and whimsy while waterfalls help create a serene ambiance.

A pool provides a perfect chill spot for you and your family, especially during those hot months. If you have an old one, chances are high that you are not really enjoying it fully. Therefore, you may want to consider upgrading it to have a better experience. This article has provided various ways you can go about this such as upgrading the surface, adding some extra water features, getting modern lighting, and automating features. With such actions, you can be sure to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing pool and you can take pride in your yard, once again!