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Fiberglass Inground Pool Installation in NJ

Delivering Quality Fiberglass Pools in New Jersey

Puravida Outdoor Living offers a wide range of options when it comes to fiberglass swimming pools, ensuring there is a great fit for every backyard need and preference. These pools are crafted using a unique molding process, where the entire pool structure is installed in your yard as a single piece, making the installation process the fastest option available.

The strength and durability of fiberglass pools stem from their construction using a combination of small glass threads woven into a fabric, which is then reinforced with a specialized polyester resin. This unique construction method results in a pool that is not only robust but also lightweight, making it easier to transport and install. Moreover, the application of a weather-resistant gel ensures a smooth and long-lasting finish, adding to the pool’s overall appeal and durability.

Like every pool we build, your fiberglass swimming pool will come equipped with LED low voltage lighting for ambiance and safety.  The equipment will include an easy to clean, energy efficient cartridge filter and variable speed pump.  Simple automation will allow you to control and schedule the operation of your pool from your cell phone.  Heat options are available in both natural gas and electric heat pump options. Your fiberglass pool will surely be easy to maintain and operate, making it a much more enjoyable experience!

Puravida Outdoor Living has several years of experience and expertise from sales to installation. We work with the best suppliers and partners to ensure a seamless installation and construction process. It is our desire to bring you a pool that you can enjoy for many years. Lets explore our process and show you how we can help transform your space into a central hub for entertaining and memory making.

Fiberglass pool being delivered in New Jersey

Our Fiberglass Pool Installation Process in 8 Simple Steps

  1. Pool Layout: The engineer arrives a few days before installation to mark out the pool in accordance to the plans and permits previously submitted for zoning.
  2. Excavation: On the day of installation, the hole for the pool is dug according to precise measurements provided in the dig sheet.
  3. Floor Preparation:  Gravel is laid and compacted to create a stable base for the pool.
  4. Pool Delivery and Placement: The pool shell is delivered and placed in the hole. 

 View Our 2 Examples Below of Puravida Fiberglass Pool Delivery:

Puravida Fiberglass Pool Delivery Video – Example 1

An exciting look at how we deliver your new fiberglass pool!

Puravida Fiberglass Pool Delivery Video – Example 2

  1. Plumbing: While the pool is being dug, another crew has installed the equipment pad and laid out the plumbing.  All pipe is then hooked up to the pool shell.
  2. Filling: A water truck then arrives and immediately fills the pool. This is required to hold the pool in place.
  3. Reinforcement and Bond Beam: Sometimes rebar is attached around the pool’s perimeter, and a few days after install, a concrete collar is poured to create a strong foundation. Once inspected, the pool can be backfilled.
  4. Coping and Deck: Pavers, concrete, or other preferred decking are installed around the pool, and the yard is ready for landscaping and fencing.

Safety & Quality Installation

Fiberglass Pool Installation by Puravida Outdoor Living is a meticulous process that prioritizes thorough preparation and attention to detail. Every step of the installation is carried out with extreme care to ensure the proper placement and functionality of the fiberglass pool. Preparation is considered a crucial element, and no phase of the installation proceeds without careful planning, thorough analysis, and rigorous quality control measures.

Before any work begins, Chris, our owner and project manager, along with an engineer, conducts a detailed assessment and creates comprehensive plans to guide the installation process. The site is meticulously analyzed, taking into consideration factors such as ground stability, drainage, water table, and accessibility. This careful planning process helps identify any potential challenges and allows for proactive solutions to be implemented.

During the installation, a dedicated team follows precise guidelines set forth by our company. Each aspect of the installation, from excavation to backfilling and plumbing, is executed with precision and adherence to industry standards. Quality control checkpoints are integrated throughout the process, ensuring that every component meets the highest standards of durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

The safety of both property and personnel is a top priority for Puravida Outdoor Living throughout the fiberglass pool installation process. Stringent safety protocols are followed to protect the integrity of the property where the pool is being installed. Additionally, measures are in place to safeguard the well-being of the installation team, with a focus on accident prevention and adherence to safety guidelines. By combining meticulous planning, expert supervision, and a commitment to safety, Puravida Outdoor Living ensures that every fiberglass pool installation is completed with precision, quality, and utmost care.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Advantages

A great advantage is that fiberglass pools can usually be installed very quickly – sometimes in as fast as a few days!
The time frame will vary depending on how long it takes for excavation of the pool site and electrical work.

Award-Winning Fiberglass Swimming Pool Styles

Below are some of the fiberglass designs we offer. If you have any questions please contact us today!

The Ultimate™

Clean lines. Feature-packed.
With its clean, contemporary lines and incorporation of the most popular built-in features, this pool is the ultimate backyard paradise for any number of activities.

The Pinnacle™

Full-width splash pad. Clean design.
One of our most popular designs with a full-width splash/ entry pad that descends into a welcoming swimming pool environment.

The Supreme™

Traditional swimming pool design.
Your classic (and very popular) swimming pool with a generous swim area and limited entry steps and more compact deep end seating/ exit steps.

The Elegance™

Friendly design. Full length swim.
This offers a cut-out step design that welcomes you into the pool and bench area. With six length options, this pool fits comfortably in almost any backyard.

The Eclipse™

Sleek curves. Inviting splash pad.
A very popular design providing a generous splash pad entrance that flows into your swimming pool. The design allows for many landscape options.

The Riviera™

Enticing curves. Wraparound bench.
A freeform design that provides unique style properties including a wraparound entry step/ seating area, seating in the deep end plus delightful landscaping options.

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