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Swimming Pool Liners & Pool Safety Covers

Vinyl Liner Replacements

Vinyl liner replacement should not only be seen as a necessity, but also an opportunity to upgrade the look and design of your swimming pool. Vinyl liners are available in a wide range of colors and patterns that create different environments. Tan liners create aqua water for that beachside feel, gray liners bring about a midnight spring look, while dark blue make you feel as though you are diving into the deep blue sea.

Unique borders create the appearance of stone or tile around the top edge, or you can choose a stone inspired pattern for that concrete pool appearance. Liners can also be mixed and matched, so you can enjoy one pattern on the steps and features and another pattern on the walls and floor.

Vinyl liner replacement is also the time where you can upgrade your pool to suit your family’s needs. Ask about our retrofit step, bench, and sundeck options. This is also a great time to upgrade or add lights, automation, and other fun features to your pool.

With every vinyl liner replacement, Puravida inspects your pools structural integrity and makes minor repairs so you can be rest assured your pool will last a lifetime. We also replace all faceplates and main drain lids with VGB compliant drain covers.

Vinyl Pools Offer Beautiful Design Options

Vinyl Liner Pattern Options

Midnight Spring


Deep Blue Sea


White Sand

Puravida Vinyl Liner Gallery

Quality Pool Safety Covers Should Not Be Optional
Protect your family, your friends, your pets, and yourself.

Pool Safety Covers Save Lives!

At Puravida we take safety seriously. Every new pool contract includes a winter safety cover to protect your family and pets during the off season. Secured into the pool deck using brass anchors means that your cover will not fall into the pool should a person or pet fall onto the cover, preventing them from serious injury or drowning. Available in high quality mesh and solid materials, safety covers block sunlight and debris from entering your pool so that you can enjoy a cleaner opening in the spring. A higher quality opening means less money spent on chemicals and a lower risk of causing damage to your pool while it is shut down.

Not only do safety covers offer a wide range of practical benefits, they are also more aesthetically pleasing than traditional winter cover options. Offered in 4 colors, safety covers bring a clean, sleek look to your yard. Custom designed to your pool, safety covers can even be designed to fit around water features, rocks, slides, spas and more. Have an existing pool? No problem. Safety covers can be added to any pool at any time.



Watch how awesome the automatic pool cover works!

Are you looking for the ultimate way to protect your family and your swimming pool during the summer months? Do you hate the idea of an unsightly pool fence? An automatic pool cover can deliver year round protection, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.

With tracks on each side of the pool, the cover rolls out and lays on top of the water, creating a sealed barrier between your family and the pool water. When the pool is in use, the cover is hidden away inside a sleek box on one end of the pool creating a seamless look. Available in ten colors with various lid options, your cover can be built to blend into any environment or design.

In addition to safety, an automatic pool cover can bring a wide range of other benefits to your pool. Acting as a blanket for your pool, and automatic cover can create up to a 90% reduction in water evaporation. Not only are you saving on water, but this means you can also reduce costs associated with heating, electricity, and chemical use.

Additionally, they prevent leaves and other organic material from entering your pool, saving you time on cleaning and protecting your pool surface from damage that debris can cause. Whether you are building a new pool, or have an existing pool, you can enjoy all the benefits of an automatic pool cover has to offer.