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Puravida FAQ

How long has Puravida Outdoor Living been in business?

 Puravida was incorporated in August of 2021.  The owners, Chris and Sam have been in the swimming pool industry in various capacities for over 25 years.

Are you fully licensed and insured?

We are full licensed and insured. Additionally, we carry several industry certifications including the Certified Pool Builder Certification and Certified Service Technician Certification. 

What Counties in NJ will you travel to?  (Travel Radius)

We build and service pools in Monmouth County and Northern Ocean County.

Do you give Senior Citizen or Military Discounts?

Our pricing is very market competitive and therefore we do not offer senior discounts.  We do offer small discounts for military and police.

Do you do pool removals?

We do not do pool removals unless the client is looking to put in a new one.  We can provide referrals for removals.

How deep of a pool can you build?

 We are a custom pool builder and therefore can help customers with nearly any request.  Most pools average between 6’ and 8’ deep.

Do you provide commercial swimming pool services and installation?

We are a residential pool installer and servicer only.

Will you service my pool if i use my own chemicals?

In order for us to take full ownership of the maintenance of your swimming pool, we do require that we use our chemicals.  All chemical costs are included in our maintenance packages, and therefore you will not incur any additional costs.  If you are using our services for closing, we recommend testing and adjusting chemicals before the closing to save on additional chemical costs.

What types of pools do you offer for installation?

We install gunite (concrete), fiberglass, and vinyl liner inground swimming pools.

What is the average timeframe for completing a pool installation?

 Gunite swimming pools can take 3-6 months to complete while vinyl liner pools average four weeks and fiberglass pools average two weeks for installation. This is assuming all inspections take place according to plan.  This does not include the homeowners installation of decking around the pool.

Do you provide a free initial consultation and estimate?

We do provide free estimates and consultations.  Our process is to discuss your project over the phone to gather preliminary details regarding your wishes as well as about your property.  We then provide a rough estimate outlining the pool shape, size, construction, and all equipment.  Once the client approves of the rough costing, we will schedule an on site visit to take measurements, provide layout ideas, and finalize pricing.

Are your pool installations customizable to fit specific backyard sizes and shapes?

We are a custom inground swimming pool builder and therefore can customize to fit nearly any size and shape backyward.

Can you provide references or examples of completed pool installations?

If requested, we can provide references of other customers who put in a similar type (gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl liner) of pool so that you may discuss their experience.  We are also happy to set up site visits to previous jobs to see our work in person.  Reviews can also be found on our google page.

Do you handle all necessary permits and approvals for pool installations?

 We handle all necessary permits and approvals for pool installation, but do not include permit costs in the contract price.  Every municipality charges different and therefore Purvida will pay the permit fees and forward the invoice to the client for reimbursement.