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Our Swimming Pool Services

Pool Design

Puravida uses the latest technology when it comes to providing renderings of your backyard dreams. Investing in a pool can provide a lifetime of memories.

Pool Renovations

Time for a renovation? Updating your plaster tile, and coping can change the look of your backyard throughout different color visualizations. Would you like to see what your pool could look like? Call us today.

Openings & Closings

Spring Coming to the Jersey Shore?
Let the experts get your pool ready for the season with our full opening, which always includes an initial cleaning. 

Winter Coming to the Jersey Shore?
Be sure to get your pool professionally closed so you can rest assured knowing that your equipment will be safe from the harsh winter elements.

Pool Maintenance

Sit back and relax and let Puravida do the rest.  Our full maintenance plan includes opening, weekly cleanings, equipment maintenance, and closing.