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Waterfalls Bring Beauty & More!

It is said that spending time in and around water can have therapeutic qualities. Both body and mind will benefit. Hence, in Central NJ adding a waterfall to your swimming pool can improve your outdoor living space in many ways.

Waterfalls provide a spa-like atmosphere. This is generated by moving water which promotes relaxation and noise reduction. In fact, it can even drone out loud sounds of nearby homes and cars. You will truly feel as though you are in an oasis, right at home. In addition, its refreshing! Nothing like water on the back of your head and neck to escape that hot New Jersey sun!

Waterfalls also bring added value in that they improve the circulation of the pool water. Increased circlulation mproves cleanliness and temperature regulation efficiency in a pool.

Waterfalls bring beauty, sound, circulation & customization to improve any backyard experience!

Waterfall Design Options

Waterfalls have many features that can be added to suit any style through a variety of options.  Rock features can bring the look and feel of nature into your design, while being custom tailored to your specific project.

Meanwhile wall sconces can add elegant architectural elements and are available in 6 hand painted finishes: brass, bronze, copper, gray, pewter, and white.   

Sheer descents can be added to beautiful walls matching the deck area and incorporating planters and fire bowls. For even more fun, consider deck jets! These create beautiful arcs of water from around the deck into the pool. Waterfalls can even incorporate lighting to elevate that nighttime experience using laminar jets. The possibilities are endless.

For more infomation on waterfalls, waterfall features, and how they can enhance your outdoor living experience, contact us today!

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