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Pool Openings & Pool Closings in New Jersey

NJ Pool Openings:

What is included: (Scope of work)

  1. Removal of minor debris and water from cover
  2. Removal of pool safety cover
  3. Inspect safety cover for damage (assess need for repairs/remake/etc)
  4. Fan fold safety cover and stand up to dry or fold water bags and tarp cover and set aside for storage.
  5. Vacuum to waste
  6. Brush walls and floor
  7. Scrub waterline and insides of skimmers
  8. Install ladders & Rails, return fittings, baskets, etc
  9. Start up equipment and set timers/automation. Minor repairs can be completed during this service at the cost of parts. Such repairs include replacing o’rings, baskets, Any major repairs or equipment replacements will require an additional visit and labor charge.
  10. test fire heater (if heater does not fire, a separate heater service will need to be scheduled)
  11. Conduct on-site water analysis
  12. Adjust chemicals to appropriate levels (using puravida purchased chemicals only)

Homeowner Preparation:

  1. Fill the pool underneath the cover until water is over the skimmer mouth. If a customer fails to raise the water prior to opening service, Puravida will complete the service to the best of our ability and an additional $100 return trip fee will be charged to complete the service later.
  2. All opening supplies must be accessible. Supplies include chemicals, baskets, return fittings (eyeballs), drain plugs, ladders, rails, and any other equipment. We are not responsible for searching through sheds, garages, etc. If we can not complete the service due to missing parts, we will charge for new parts from our inventory.
  3. Cover to be cleared of all major debris and water. Additional labor charges will apply if cover is not clear.
  4. Ensure the gate is unlocked so our service technicians can access the yard on the day of service.
  5. Pre-purchase bulk chemicals for season to be delivered at opening.

NJ Pool Closings:

What is included: (Scope of work)

  1. Light vacuum and skim (major clean up will incur additional charge)
  2. Conduct on-site water analysis
  3. Adjust chemicals to appropriate levels for industry standard and winterization (chemicals additional)
  4. Backwashing of filter (if applicable)
  5. Lower water level to appropriate level (based on pool and winter cover type)
  6. Removal of ladders & handrails and place in your storage area.
  7. Winterize filter, pump(s), and any additional equipment by removing plugs and baskets.
  8. Remove jets and return fittings
  9. Blow out lines and plug
  10. Cover pool with homeowner’s pool cover. (If pool cover is in poor condition and poses a safety risk, we will not cover the pool. This will be noted on your invoice)

Homeowner Preparation:

  1. Pool cover and plugs must be readily available
  2. Pool timer and/or power to filter system must be on prior to arrival
  3. Ensure gate is unlocked so our service technicians can access the yard on the day of service.

Additional recommended services to be completed during winter:

  1. Disassemble and clean filter (DE & Cartridge)
  2. Sand Change and replace standpipe
  3. Clean / descale salt cell