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Pool Maintenance

Weekly Pool Maintenance in New Jersey

Scope of work:       

  • Vacuum using our system (we never vacuum through your system, as that adds additional strain to your equipment).
  • Scrub waterline and insides of skimmers.
  • Skim surface.
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets.
  • Service filter – Backwash and add new DE if applicable.
  • Perform on site water analysis.
  • Adjust chemicals and salt to industry standards.
  • Ensure equipment is operating as expected (test fire heater if it is not running when we arrive).
  • Provide customer email of chemical readings, photo, and summary of service.

Plumbing & Equipment Winterization (included in pool closing service)

Equipment repairs and replacements   

Automation and Lighting Upgrades

Air pressure testing                                

Pool Inspections