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Top 7 ways to keep your family and pets safe around your swimming pool

Ensuring the safety and security of your swimming pool at home is of the utmost importance, particularly if you have young children or pets. Below are seven highly effective strategies that can significantly enhance the safety of your swimming pool area:

Install a Pool Fence: The most simple way to keep your family and pets safe from your pool is by creating a physical barrier between your pool and the surrounding area. A proper pool fence should be a minimum of four feet high to eliminate the risk of climbing and should be equipped with a self closing gate with self-latching mechanism. “baby fences” come in mesh and can be installed in the concrete directly surround the pool, or you can invest in a wrought iron or chain link style fence so a more permanent option.

Pool Warning or Alarm Systems: Pool warning systems provide an additional layer of protection by alerting you to any unauthorized entry into the pool area. There are various types of pool warning systems available to suit different needs. Surface wave sensors detect disturbances on the water’s surface, while sub-surface disturbance alarms detect movements beneath the water. Gate and door alarms, on the other hand, emit a sound when the gate or door is opened.

Safety Covers for Winter: Safety covers differ from regular winter covers in that they are custom fit to your pool and are anchored into the deck surrounding the pool, preventing it from falling in should something fall onto the cover. 

pool covered area

A covered area is great to hide from the direct sun

Safety covers, if installed properly, hold ASTM safety certificates providing maximum protection for your family and pets.  They can be made of reinforced vinyl or mesh and can withstand extreme weight.

Automatic Retractable Covers: Automatic covers are heavy duty vinyl covers that roll out and retract using a track along the inside edge of the pool or on top of the pool deck.  The cover, when rolled out completely, creates an impenetrable barrier over the pool.  This cover is strong enough to hold the weight of an adult, should someone or something accidentally fall onto the cover. These are meant to be used whenever young children are near the pool, or whenever the pool is not in use.

Educate on Swimming and Water Safety:
 Enrolling yourself and your family members in swimming lessons is a proactive step towards ensuring pool safety. Learning how to swim proficiently and understanding water safety practices significantly reduces the risk of accidents and drowning incidents. Additionally, educate children about the potential dangers associated with the pool, such as not running around the pool area or diving into shallow water. Establish clear rules and boundaries regarding pool usage and reinforce them regularly.

Maintain Readiness with Safety Equipment: Equipping your pool area with essential safety equipment is crucial for prompt response in case of an emergency. Have lifebuoys or flotation devices readily accessible around the pool area. Place reaching poles nearby to assist in rescuing someone in distress without having to enter the water. Additionally, keep a well-stocked first aid kit nearby to address minor injuries. Ensure that all household members are familiar with the location of these safety tools and have a basic understanding of how to use them effectively.

Provide Sufficient Supervision: Active and vigilant supervision is essential for pool safety, especially when children or inexperienced swimmers are present. Assign a responsible adult who is trained in CPR and water rescue to actively monitor the pool area during its usage. Avoid distractions such as phone calls or reading, and focus solely on supervising the swimmers. It is crucial to be prepared to respond swiftly in case of an emergency and have a phone nearby to call for help if needed.

A swimming pool is a wonderful gathering space for friends and family, but safety is imperative.  By setting ground rules and implementing some of these safe practices, you can keep everyone safe.  To learn more, contact Puravida Outdoor Living today.